The Man In The High Castle Review

Another article in English Guys 🙂 This evening I’ll talk about the Man In The High Castle. During my research in Politics I get interested in how can we think about alternatives to our democratic political systems? Indeed, I got the advice to Watch/read this novel, initially wroted by Philip K Dick and published in 1962 (USA)

So what it is about ?

This novel can be classified in Uchrony ’cause It was written fifteen years later after the ending of World War II. The main plot answers to the following question : how can we figure out the whole world if US had lost the WW II ? How can we imagine a world ruled by The Reich and Japan ?

Why you NEED to Watch it !

To be honest, I started to read the novel in English in order to improve my level but I stopped around the page thirty. Even if the plot was so interesting and the characters very realistic according to their psychology, I didn’t fall « in » the book – You know this feeling when you are completely absorbed by a book and you just want to read it until the end. The only thing that can explain that its probably because it wasn’t in french and I didn’t really appreciate the writting style of the author too.

Thus, I gave back the novel to the Library but I will still keep some time to Watch the TV show later -probably during summer holidays. The very curious thing about the plot is the whole inversion of paradigm. Imagine if we write today, a book which mentionned that the whole world is leaded by terrorists?

To finish this short review, you can find some quotes taken from the novel below. 🙂

It will end, Childan Thought. Someday, the very idea of place. Not governed or governing, but people. (…)

His nervousness became determination. (…)

What profit in a man if he gain the whole world but in this enterprise lose his soul ?


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