How to turn it into pleasure #ChangeYourMind

Im sure you already noticed that you are more confortable to learn things by yourself for yourself, than doing that for school or for your boss.Let’s think about it… What is the huge difference between these two situations ? Why do we feel glad in the first whereas the second one made us feel bored?


Life lead us to some paths that we didn’t expected to go. Life didn’t inform us before, as we were too Young to be aware of many things. After that, we grow up and we still have much more things to-do. We « have » to do good studies, to get a job, to tidy our stuffs… Indeed, I just thought that maybe in one whole day, we probably spend more time in to-do things than the things we really want to. And between doing by duty and wanting Something there is a huge gap. I called that the pleasure of willing.

I feel the pleasure to learn, to read, to met people. And I probably feel less pleasure to tidy for example or to do my homework. Anyone can understand that fact.

But sometimes the idea of pleasure is incorrect. Society may influence us to think that going in a party, get drunk… its nice because its a pleasure. Otherwise, studiying and Learning is less fashionable and so much more « boring » you know… – Im not judging any kind of hobbies, pleasure is subjectif and particular to each person. And each human-being is singular. I just want you to think about that. 🙂

So when we speak about pleasure, we should make a difference between the real pleasure that we feel and we need. And the non-sense pleasure we feel when we are encouraged to be lazy. , to procrastinate and to do Nothing special. – I mean, doing Nothing special its soo nice to relax and we need that. But it become a real problem if you draw your own life focusing on this point.  « Oh man just Watch this TV show is so funny. » Yes funny it is, but do I really feel pleasure to Watch that ? Do I really got Something interesting for my emotions about watching that ?

Before, I always used to think about useful/useless concept. This idea of asking the sense of every single action you do. Its nice in a way, because my inclination of loosing myself deeply was minimized a lot. But that kind of perception started to made me feel like « oh Damn, no matter if its useless or not, I just feel the need to do that. »

After a while, I was wondering about the first common motivation of all my actions. And I discovered that It was the pleasure. The pleasure to eat, to write, to meet people, to have real foolish philosophical conversations with them and to get in touch with some others. The pleasure to always be truly my-self and doing things depending only on my self statement-agreement. Moreover than my egocentric pathetic pleasure :the pleasure to make others around me keep believing in love, hope and dreams.

So I started a very Strange exercice. Read carefully- If pleasure was my first motivation, I just have to bring pleasure in any single action I do. So I will not feel anymore the pressure of « having to do » anything, is’nt it ?-

Thus, I tried that point of view. And I slowly started to feel the shift in my life. Silently, peace… And now when I remember my previous way of thinking, I just started laughing and saying to myself « Damn, you do that because of your own willing. You have no justification to give, to anyone else, excepting yourself. You learned how to be free from any judgement. »

You may ask me: « how can I feel pleasure when I just clean my room or doing my homework? Its so boring! » Turn-on some music and do it fastly as you can so you will move easily towards new things. And Im sure that in every action we do, we can find Something interesting and starting to feel more confortable on that. Of course I will not lie by saying « Aw with that concept I feel a great pleasure when Im cleaning, just as much as when I eat chocolate ice-cream. » But I hope that It will help you in a way. 🙂


And that completely started to change my whole perception of life. Let’s try to be free by bringing pleasure for yourself, for others, spread the world. Turn it into pleasure.

It was my first article about this kind of topic in English so please comment if you see any mistakes or/and if you want to share your point of view about it too. Hope that you enjoyed it  🙂


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