What If I told you the truth ? #Guimauve Acidulée

I am ready to start this new category called « guimauve acidulée »  Since a long time ago, I felt the need to write about love, psychology, how to find the way of our own hapiness, and stuff like that. But I wasn’t really ready to do so. Now, I feel a kind of saturation to censure myself, so I try to move on by writing, as I usually do. #Catharcis. Some articles of this category will be in french and others in english. I will not translate anything but if you need some explaination in one language, please, feel free to post a comment bellow. Don’t forget that I TRY MY BEST to avoid any mistakes but I am not a native english speaker so be kind with me 🙂 Also notice that I don’t write in english to target more readers on my blog, but I just feel the need to do so, and Its nice to don’t be disturbed by the french syntax which often leads me to be more artistic than realistic. #No worries, I understand myself 🙂

For tonight, I will start with a kind of poetry …

What if I told you the truth?

What if I told you that I was a broken child, with a broken mouth, a broken heart,

I mean, my friend, that I was happy, I had a good family, a good friends and good books to read, some chocolate, a lot of love and I was truly, really happy.

But I had a too small mouth to express all my love. I had also a too weak body to endure all the pain. I wanted to love everyone, but something inside, have been deeply broken.

What if I told you another truth my friend, that I was also hyper-perceptible. All the world was just an explosion of colours, sounds, voices and ideas. What If I told you that, because of my hyper-sensibility I started to consolidate my spirit as a fortress until I forgot that I am not just a spirit, but also a soul, a body.

What If I told you also that, I feel myself as if I was created to struggle, so what can I do by just living for seeking pleasure ? Nothing.

What if I told you that, my dear, I have a thousands other things to tell you, but I will come back tomorrow.



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