Publicity In China … 分析 中国 广告 #中国Facts

Its the first time for me to write both in Chinese and English so If you read some mistakes, thank you for your understanding 🙂 This work is for my oral chinese class, I want to share it with you cause It can be interesting. (Work dealing with languages and communication)

I am going to present two chinese publicities and explain why I think they have /or not a good marketing strategy.

所以我想分工我的作业跟你们。 对不起如果有很多的出错。。。🙂

分析中国广告一下 。。。

1- 首先我说一下 关于上海Tang的 厂牌

他们去美国 (U.S.) 照很漂亮的照片,所以大家都很 吃惊 !

This first publicity called « Shanghai Tang » is specialized in luxury fashion ready-to-wear. This brand shows the new « face » of a modern China. A « New China » where every place is linked with international environment. This brand went to New York to take a beautiful pictures and many people were amazed by that !


我 很 喜 因为:

  •  颜色 表露 时髦

  • 讯息中国 的 现代化 (« Made in China »相反)

  • 我们也可以我们也可以想一想 红颜祸水 的 象征 社会 的 自由 (emancipation)

I like the way the brand is represented :

  • the modern colours (like red) used put an accent on modernity and fashion, ’cause red is a traditional colour symbolize happiness in China.

  • This modern « face » of China represented, made a complete opposition and contrast toward the generally common poor-looked « made in China »

  • This campaign plays also on the concept of the « chinese face » ’cause the persons there seems proud and have the same gestual language as chinese people. We can also see the Woman Empowerment.

2- 然后,现在我说一下关于 Pepsi 的厂牌


  • 颜色不好看,有很多的蓝色

  • 厂牌 不 创意

  • 标语 的 笔译 不 好

I don’t like the way Pepsi represented Its publicity, the colours used and the way they used It are not special at all. Moreover, the color blue was used too much and make the publicity lost completely Its meaning.

Furthermore, the translation of their motto « Come alive with the Pepsi Generation » was not translated well in Mandarin chinese. And It becomes « Bring Out Your Ancestors from their Coffin! » Its more funny and important, when you know that in China, ancestors have a particular significance.

Thank you for reading this article !   

谢谢大家 ! 马月希


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